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Some popular social websites like Facebook, Myspace, and Linked In, etc. Allow users to create and share their short messages or something like that with the public or selected viewers. Wikipedia is a typical website created for educational purposes, like for getting any kind of information from social media. By using online platforms, any firm can easily share the information easily among themselves, like their location, the type of product they sell and the amount of product they manufacture at a particular time and the resources required for the manufacturing of the product, and also the availability…

Define Dream

Dreaming is something we all do in our daily lives. You can read a lot about the dreams you dream of and the various meanings behind them, from the spiritual meaning of ancient tribes to modern-day scientific research. Many dreams are common about the things we face in our daily lives like fear, insufficiency of something/someone, or a deep aspiration in your subliminal mind, and you process these experiences into your dreaming as well. Your dream is a creative world in which each and everything is possible. Sometimes we all dream about flying. The meaning of this dream…


Kerala, a state in southern part of India and is most famous for the tropical paradise of waving palm trees and beautiful beaches. It is most famous for its backwaters, mountains, coconuts, spices, tourist spots, beaches, and various art forms like Kathakali and Mohiniyattam. There are many places to visit in Kerala ranging from high altitude mountains to rain forests and golden colored sun-sand beaches and a wide range of accommodation. Kerala has much more to offer the visitor.


Bridal Showers come before the wedding ceremony and is considered one of the most important days for the bride. The maid of honor takes responsibilities for hosting the party and invites all their friends and close relatives. Only women are invited though. All the invitees are supposed to shower the bride with love. There are loads of games and things to do to make the ceremony fun and exciting. The bride is given much love and support and few surprises to make her feel special.

  1. What to do?

Generally, bridal showers may include inviting fewer guests who are women and…

Summer wedding season is about to arrive and so are a lot of happy moments! To add to the fun and well-wishing spirit of your loved ones’ weddings, here are 5 of the best wedding gifts for you to give at their delightful event!

  1. Coupons/Gift Vouchers

Coupons and gift vouchers, even gift cards, could never go wrong. They could be to a spa session, a home décor store, or any online (or physical) shops. Give your guests a gift that is super useful and won’t even cost you that much!

They’re lightweight and you don’t have to put a lot…

This party is specially held for the bride-to-be. It can be held one or two weeks before the wedding and is usually hosted by the family or friends or the maid of honor. The party is more like gift-giving, congratulating, and giving blessings on the bride. Planning a bridal shower must not be that easy. To make it fun and interesting, here are few ways:

  1. What to Wear

Friends bring joy and fun to any party, especially when it is related to you. They do everything for you to make you happy and when it comes to what to wear…

Limited guests

Cradle ceremony is a way of celebrating the joy of a new born baby. The baby is given a bath then placed in the cradle. On this auspicious day, the baby is given a name by its parents. Women sing songs and the mother gets to whisper the baby’s name three times in its ear. People invite their family and friends and receive many gifts and blessings for the new born baby. Due to the outbreak of the covid, it has become difficult to host parties. However, if you follow the rules and maintain distance from each other…

Drive-in Movie

Because of the outbreak of covid-19, many weddings and meetings have come to a halt. The pandemic has hit all industries at great peaks. Even in these tough times, people are trying their best to plan out things. Nothing is impossible. By staging a drive-in event, you can celebrate or hold your reception ceremony. There might be few rules to follow. You need to invite few guests to prevent any issues but it is up to you, if you can ensure safety then it is fine. A drive-in movie is like a cinema comprising a large outdoor movie…

Start working on the reception ceremony script by writing everything that needs to be implemented. It is better you think of the ideas three or four weeks prior to the reception day since it consumes a lot of time in just planning and booking. There are many unique and creative ideas to celebrate a successful reception party and inspiring your guests. These kinds of celebrations come once in your lifetime, so make it as extraordinary as possible and create remarkable moments for you and your loved ones.

  1. Enchanted Entrance

This plays a vital role as your guest’s first impression would…

Herbs Centerpieces

Herbs are extremely good for your health. They smell great and we can enjoy the sight of them while having dinner when used as centerpieces. It also helps in relieving stress. Herbs can embellish the tables, edible arrangements, small potted herbs arranged for the entrance to the dining hall. We can use lavender as confetti because of its pleasant aroma. Herbs can be featured in many ways. They make the most beautiful table decorations, cake adornments, or bouquet greenery. Herbs long last longer than other green plants so they are best to use at receptions or weddings. …

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