Best Thrilling Rides in India

Everybody loves rides, be it normal or breath-taking rides. It helps you to overcome the fear of heights and speed. There are some thrilling rides which you must definitely hop on once in your life.

Roller Coaster

This ride is one of the most thrilling rides in India. It is huge and a lot more thrilling than anyone could expect. This ride will end in 4–5 minutes, but you will remember it for a long time. It is obviously not for children. It has an age limit because few might get very terrified, sometimes even the adults, but the key point is, you will get the best thrilling experience and you can easily overcome its fear once you try it. Challenge yourself and hop on this ride.

Equinox 360

Equinox and Equinox 360 are two different, but not completely. Equinox looks like a big pendulum, which moves back and forth. While doing this, it even circulates making it the most thrilling ride whereas equinox 360, as the name suggests, it moves in 360 degrees. First, it rotates while moving back and forth, then suddenly makes a 360, one or two times literally giving you the chills and excitement to try it once more. You will get a complete 360-degree view of the park in few seconds.

Ferris wheel

This giant wheel is huge. It might not seem as thrilling as equinox 360 or roller coaster, but the giant wheel would take you on an adventure and give you a view of the park while rotating upright. Since it is not terrifying, anybody could hop on and see the beautiful views of the city as well. There are many wheels that differ in height. You can find this ride in many countries since they constructed it in the 80s. Since then, it is a popular and quite an interesting ride. Its speed differs in places. Some may rotate at a moderate level; some may rotate at a high level.

Interstellar/Space ride

Do you like space and want to experience a little about it? Then this ride is for you. You seated before a big screen and experience an incredible ride that makes you feel you are in space. It would show you many and interesting things which you have may not see or heard about. It would show more than half of the space in just a few minutes. Eventually, until the ride is complete, you will get a brief idea of what space looks like and how huge it is.

Dare 2 Drop

As the name suggests, you would need a lot to hop on this ride. The wild ride will shove you up in a matter of seconds and let loose, which means it drops from a height of 120–130 feet. You would have no time to see something and eventually, your ride will be over in no time. It would make you experience an extreme level of thrill.

Big Water Slides

Water rides could be as thrilling as land rides. They set these over the water and we call a water slide a flume. These slides can differ in length. From kids to adults, there are many flumes available. A place with only land rides would be boring. You can dance in the rain, swim, boat, and race. The big slides contain twists and turns, taking you through loops and disgorging you into a pool of water. Water rides would make you keep your cool and relax in the pool.